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New York Litigators Committed To Getting Justice For Clients In Civil Litigation Matters

The attorneys at Pervez & Rehman, P.C., have successfully represented clients throughout Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties in a wide range of civil litigation matters. Whether you are pursuing a lawsuit for wrongful termination, seeking compensation for a personal injury or defending your business from a breach of contract claim, we can help you navigate the litigation process. We will explain your legal options so that you can make sound decisions on how to proceed with your case. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated settlements through mediation and arbitration and are also skilled litigators if your dispute can only be settled in the courtroom.

Responsive Attorneys Aggressively Serving Clients

If you have a dispute with a business or another person, we can help you seek redress in the form of damages. Our civil litigators represent individual clients in matters involving:

Employment disputes – We represent both businesses and employees in cases including claims of wage and benefit denial, discriminatory or hostile work environment claims and all other types of unfair workplace claims under federal or state employment law.

Commercial/business disputes – At Pervez & Rehman, P.C., we approach all business disputes with the philosophy of minimizing risk and keeping costs as low as possible. We understand the potential impact of unfavorable decisions and work tirelessly to resolve disputes in your favor.

Contract disputes/breach of contract – We advise and represent businesses and individuals in a variety of contract disputes, including breach of contract, partnership disputes, service contracts, supply and distribution agreements.

Personal injury actions – If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury as the result of someone’s careless or reckless actions, you deserve fair compensation for your damages. We will seek a settlement that fully compensates you for your injuries.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your legal situation and explore your options and potential outcomes.

Experienced Attorneys Provide Skilled Representation In Business Disputes

Most business litigation arises from contract matters such as breach of contract claims, dissolution of partnership agreements and disagreements over the terms of a commercial real estate deal. Regardless of its origin, a business dispute can prevent your enterprise from carrying out its normal day-to-day operations and jeopardize crucial business relationships. We recognize the potential negative impact of business litigation on your company and your livelihood. Our litigators approach your case by investigating all aspects of your case in all its complexity. We then identify unique solutions tailored to fulfill your specific business needs and goals. If there are reasons to keep a relationship intact, we will use effective negotiation techniques to reach a beneficial out-of-court settlement. If a trial is the best way to obtain your business objectives, our attorneys will protect your interests in the courtroom. In the end, our goal is to minimize the financial impact on your bottom line.

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